Recruiting bricklayers online.

Recruiting for Bricklayers

So you run a building contractor company. You have got the new contract and you are raring to go. All you need now is some bricklayers, right.

Now I understand that you know what questions to ask about previous work, accreditations and experience which will give you what you need to form an opinion as to whether the bricklayer is suitable for the job in hand. Not all bricklaying jobs are the same and bricklaying recruitment should reflect that.

The tricky bit is how do you get them to apply to you in the first place? There was a time when you placed a lineage advertisement in the local newspaper and away you go. You may have already noticed that this usually results, nowadays, in a very poor response.

This is because the vast majority of bricklayers and tradespeople now apply for jobs online. For a contractor looking to recruit bricklayers that can be a slightly daunting or confusing situation particularly if you are not really sure where to start.

This is where comes in. We are the leading construction jobs website in the UK. We have hundreds of live construction jobs advertised on our website and you can place an ad on it anytime at a very attractive price. Not only that, any ad that you place on the site is then automatically uploaded  onto a number of other UK jobs websites ensuring your ad is likely to be seen by the vast majority of bricklayers who are currently looking for work in your area.

Just visit and follow the step by step guide and it will be done in no time and will generate an excellent response. At any point in the process you can call or email (the details are on the ‘post a job’ page) and one of our friendly team will be happy to help. The whole process has been designed to be clear and user friendly.

So take the plunge and trust in and give your construction recruitment the boost it needs.